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Discounted Newspaper is an online newspaper subscription portal that aids readers with getting access to their favorite newspapers anywhere in the globe. Founded in 2001, discounted newspaper has been in business for more than a decade with a reputation of been the best newspaper subscription site among rivals.

Discounted Newspaper will give you access to more than 250 newspapers and at more than 50% discount of the regular price. Whether it’s national newspapers like Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, The Boston Globe, The New York Times or Financial Times, Discounted Newspapers has it all. They also give you access to such local newspapers as New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, etc.

Without mincing words, they are the leader in the newspaper subscription business. They are in direct partnership and relationship with some of the biggest newspaper publishers around the globe thus eliminating the effects of the middle man.

Some of the services you would get when you patronize Discount Newspapers are:

What’s more, Discount Newspaper allows you to check out your local newspaper through Zip codes! They are definitely top in the newspaper subscription niche.

Discounted Newspapers: What makes it different?

Key Differentiators

Some key characteristics make Discounted Newspaper undoubtedly the leader in the newspaper subscription niche.

  • Access to tons of newspaper subscriptions

Discounted Newspaper is unrivalled in the number of subscriptions they have in their website. With the more than 250 newspapers you can access, your favorite newspaper will definitely be on the list. Whether it is national or local newspapers, Discount Newspaper has got it.

  • Great deals and discounts

Just as the name suggests, Discount Newspapers offers great discounts of up to 50% on tons of newspaper subscriptions. If you are looking for the best deals on your subscriptions, then Discount Newspaper it is.

  • Affiliate program

Discounted Newspapers offers up to 20% to their affiliates. This is a huge plus as with tons of traffic that patronize Discount Newspaper you get to make some cool earnings from their affiliate program.

  • Direct relationship with publishers

This is another unique trait of DiscountedNewspapers. They are in direct relationship with the newspaper publishers thus with no need for a middle man. This eliminates charges accruable from using a middle man and enables them to offer great deals and discounts.

Best Available Discounted Newspapers Coupon:
Discounted Newspapers vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Discounted Newspapers)

Leading competitors

Discounted Newspapers has some really strong competitors. Two of the more notable ones are:

  • Subscriptions
  • Newspaper Deals is a leading name in the newspaper subscription niche and rightly so. They give you access to tons of newspaper subscriptions both national and local. They are a very strong rival to

Aside newspaper subscription, they offer other subscription services like newsletter subscriptions, software subscriptions and magazine subscriptions. With, issues relating to subscriptions on diverse products are well taken care of.

Despite these outstanding points, there are a number of reasons why Discounted Newspapers still tops. Discounted Newspapers website is more orderly and easier to navigate. They are also in direct relationship with the publishers concerned and have been longer in the business with a strong reputation to attest to their reliability.

www.newspaperdeals is also another newspaper subscription site to reckon with. They offer outstanding deals and discounts on your favorite newspapers. However, Discounted Newspapers has more lists of subscriptions and they have been in the business far more than Newspaper deals.

Discounted Newspapers: Pricing & packages

Pricing and Packaging

Below is a summary of some of the related products of Discounted Newspapers and its rivals treated in this review.

Wall Street Journal (6-Day Monday thru Saturday)          

  • Discounted Newspapers:

Best price for 1 Year:  $249.00           (that is $4. 79 per week and 60% Savings)


Best price for 1 Year: $216.20          (that’s 69% off + 8 Weeks Free)

  • Newspaper Deals

Best Price for 1 year: $249            (that is $4. 79 per week and 60% Savings)

Obviously from above, has the lowest pricing but you might want to consider some other factors when it comes to buying from discounted newspapers as:

  • Years in business
  • Access to more than 250 newspapers
  • Secured server, etc.

While the pricing of WSJ shown above might favor, you might want to visit the sites for more detailed pricing.

Discounted Newspapers: Product images & screenshots
Discounted Newspapers Coupons
Discounted Newspapers: Customer reviews & comments

Customer Feedbacks and Reviews

Below are some reviews from notable platforms on Discounted Newspapers.

Review from

Never pay more than you have to for a subscription to your favorite local, national or international newspaper. Let Discounted find you the best price on top publications like the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune and more, plus get the best promotions and deals with over 50% off tons of subscriptions and specials offering free weeks of home delivery.

By Shelley@StockpilingMoms on August 7, 2010

Discounted Newspapers sells subscriptions to the largest local newspapers around the United States. They currently offer over 250 newspapers, serving over 40,000 zip codes with over 2,000 different subscription options. Subscriptions are for local home delivery only. Their site is zipcode targeted to ensure customers live in each newspaper’s local delivery area. Their subscription options range in frequency from 7-days a week to Sunday-only and the durations range from 8 weeks to 52 weeks. The subscription discounts are guaranteed to be the lowest prices available on the web. If you see the newspaper offering a lower price on their own website, please contact them immediately.

Best Available Discounted Newspapers Coupon:
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Thanks my good friend James and Sir Jerry.

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Thanks madam Roberta. Really did miss you. Was even trying contacting you but the captcha have been giving me some tough times. Sorry about the modem and welcome back.

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